sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

Alhambra Trip


I want that you knows my visit to the Alhmabra. That day we were in the heigh school at eight o'clock. We get on by bus. The bus was very amazing, the bus had got two floor. I was in the first floor in the aisle seat, but in the return I was in the first floor too and in the window seat.

When we arrived to the Alhambra, first we went to the Palacios Nazaríes was very amazing and big. The Palacios Nazaríes had got octagon, because the octogon mean Aláh.

Later we went to the toilets facilities and we ate a snack.

Then we went to the Generalife. The Generalife was very beautiful. We saw lots of beautiful and big gardens. In the gardens we saw lots of water. We took lots of pictures.

At two o'clock we went to the Alhambra's entrance and we ate the lunch. I ate macaroni. It's delicious!

Finally we went to the Granada city. Granada city is very big and we canned see the city council is fantastic. Later we went to a park and we played, spoke, etc. Then the bus arrived and we return to Cártama.


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  1. Excellent, Jose.

    I like It is easy to read and I can understand everything you mean, which is really good.

    To make it better:
    1. the past tense of CAN is COULD
    2. nazaries WERE (concordance)
    3. Some tenses are present and should be in past.

    I like your effort, you are into it!