martes, 21 de junio de 2016

Cabalgata de Reyes


Cabalgata de Reyes is a famous festival. This festival is celebrated every year on 5th of January.

There are parades through the streets, with the music you want. The people are dressed up in amazing clothes. The parades are very beautiful.

We decorate the streets with colors lights.

 Some people look at the parades and they catch the candies. Other people are in the parades and they throw the candies. The people usually eat the candies.

In the end of this festival there are fireworks. It's amazing!

In the parades I go with my family and friends in the parades. I love it!

I like the parades because we meet everyone and we have a funny time.

A perfect day


 Last weekend, in Sunday. We went to cottage. The cottage was amazing. Its name was "La Colmenilla". We stayed there my basketball team, coach and the parents.

 The cottage had only a floor, but had lots of room. Three rooms was bedroom, there was a lot of beds. The kitchen was very small but the living-room was big.

 The swimming-pool and the barbecue with the tables and chairs was outside the cottage. The swimming-pool was very big, it was round! The water was very transparent. The tables was very long and there was lots of chairs so everyone could eat together.

 When we was in the cottage there were an alarm. Then Alvaro pressed the button S.O.S. so the alarm began ring a lot.

 This weekend was fantastic!!! I want repeat!!!